Zayn Malik’s Alleged Discrepancy With RCA Has Created the Hashtag #FREEZAYN

The Arhoolie Foundation Archive contains many vintage record company catalogs and publications of regional and ethnic music. Not only do these catalogs list recordings, but some have information and photos of musicians and lyrics to songs. Below is a selection from these relics of a bygone era. Click on image to open and view contents not all publications have their contents scanned updated with additional catalogs Song lyric magazine produced by various companies. Featuring song lyrics, photos of musicians, record lists and advertisements. Open and read over 30 cancioneros on our Cancioneros page. Old Time Music from the United states with information and photos of the musicians. Dated August but this is probably a more recent reprint. Stay in the loop on our latest news, events, and website additions.

Can anyone date this RCA Victor Record?

Moran, in the early s. Fagan, a United Nations interpreter, and Mr. Moran, a geologist for the oil industry, both collected recordings primarily classical music and shared their dismay over the lack of information available about Victor Red Seal records.

The RCA Preserve Item records are tasks that are assigned to the team member who should collect the failure data specified by a certain date. For example, an.

Tinashe is getting back to being herself again. Nashe delivers her “most vulnerable” work to date on the atmospheric track effort, as she felt it was “now or never” to open up emotionally from a place of strength. Breaking out of things you’ve been doing and giving yourself space is scary. For this project, the year-old wants to speak personally to her fans who have been on this rollercoaster ride with her since day one.

I create art for this connection. It’s for the fact it means something to people and it’s not about the charts and accolades. I’d been in a relationship with RCA for the last seven years. The music industry was a totally different place and we were selling physical CDs.

Encyclopedic Discography of Victor Recordings Project History

The beginning of the 47 series is a bit perplexing. The series was designated for childrens records but RCA Victor didn’t use many numbers. The series was skipped completely and the popular mono series starts at with a reissue of a 78 originally released in July of Generally the box sets consisted of three 45s and used the same graphics RCA Victor had used on the 78 album.

This record must be kept in the business/noncommercial entity files for a period of two years after the last Printed Name of Evaluator (R.C.A.) Technician: Date began employment at pest control business to perform pest control services.

The Colonel’s pursuit of the big time for Elvis — his sole client — began with a search for a recording contract with a nationally based company. Columbia and Atlantic expressed interest in the unusual new singer, but the Colonel had several contacts at RCA Victor, making a deal with this company preferable.

It was the largest amount paid for a single performer up to that time. Moving to RCA was a major step in Elvis’ career and a major investment for the company; at the very least, it meant going national and international in promotion and distribution. Sholes was aware that the executives at RCA were closely watching their unusual new artist, who didn’t fit into any of the company’s existing categories of music.

Then the company arranged for Elvis to begin recording new material in Nashville the next month.

American History Now

The Victor-Victrola Page. Section Three: Dating your Victor Phonograph. There is likely some Chinese and Spanish writing on it as well. Or you may have found a paper sticker with a date printed on the bottom. These dates are not the manufacture date of your phonograph.

Voice activated record allows recorder to sense the sound and start recording Easily identify date and time a recording was made; Editing functions, built-in.

Note: To date and get an idea of rarity of a Victor Product, please read this page carefully, and then click the “Product Information” link at the bottom of the page! If you have already read and understand this information, click here to skip this page. Before the age, history and value of a Victor product can be determined, the phonograph must be correctly identified.

Fortunately for collectors, the process of identifying a Victor phonograph is not difficult. The Victor Talking Machine Company did an excellent job of providing model identification, along with a unique serial number for most models, which makes dating their phonographs a relatively easy task in most cases. Every Victor phonograph has a metal dataplate affixed either on or near the motorboard for machines with lids , on the side of the phonograph for most external horn and lidless models , or under the turntable for low-priced and some portable models of the 20’s.

Operating the RCA VR5235 voice recorder

Note: I haven’t kept up with this project over the past few years, but here, at least, is an updated version of the labelography page, with certain links fixed. The principal goal of this project is to assemble an illustrated list of label types found on home recording discs of the mid-twentieth century. A further and perhaps more important goal is to produce a dating guide for home recording discs.

Obviously there is no way to determine the date of an undated home recording with certainty based only on the label type. People often used blank discs many years after they were originally produced; I have discs in my collection manufactured during World War Two but recorded in the s, and some people are still making recordings on vintage blanks.

Originally conceived to honor artists and track sound recording sales, Gold & Platinum Awards have come to Popular Searches & Lists To Date: Album & Song Awards Released so far in | Latin To Label: RCA RECORDS.

Beginning in , Columbia Records continued development of this technology. Peter Goldmark and his staff undertook exhaustive efforts to address problems of recording and playing back narrow grooves and developing an inexpensive, reliable consumer playback system. The EP discs typically emulated the playing time of the former 78 rpm discs, while the LP discs provided up to one-half hour of time per side.

In late , a system of cutting and playing back stereo was devised and generally accepted by the industry. Consumer acceptance of stereo LPs was somewhat cautious initially but grew steadily during the early s, and the industry largely discontinued production of conventional monaural LP records and playback equipment by Similarly, the introduction of high-quality but expensive quadraphonic four channel reel-to-reel tapes and 8-track tape cartridges in led to the introduction of quadraphonic vinyl records, which arrived on the market in Although public interest was initially high, the lack of compatibility between the three competing SQ, QS, and CD-4 formats prompted the eventual commercial failure of quadraphonic LP records.

Most record companies stopped producing quadraphonic LPs after although a handful of classical-music titles continued to be issued until During the early s, a cost-cutting move towards use of lightweight, flexible vinyl pressings. Marketed by RCA Victor as the Dynaflex process, much of the industry adopted a technique of reducing the thickness and quality of vinyl used in mass-market manufacturing.

During the late s and s, the use of highly advanced disc cutting equipment to improve the dynamic range and reduce inner-groove distortion of mass-produced records, using techniques marketed as the CBS Discomputer and Teldec Direct Metal Mastering. Although replaced by digital media such as the compact disc as a mass market music medium, vinyl records continue to be manufactured and sold in the 21st century.

File:Grace Slick RCA records publicity

The original Victor identification system was begun with No. At that time, a new block of numbers was established, beginning with 00 and reaching by February and in August Effective August 15, , a new and much more complex matrix numbering system was introduced revised December 10, Starting in the s, the initial letter or letters began to be used for further information in addition to the record size. If a selection originally made with piano accompaniment was re-made with orchestra, it was assigned a new matrix number and began again with take 1.

Some foreign RCA labels went by their own rules with regard to dating. This should be of aid to Discogs members of where a record with RCA Custom.

Please email if you have questions, corrections or comments on anything you see. Victor was the dominant figure in the record and phonograph market in the early s. There is much published about them so I will not attempt to tell the story here. Victor was started by Eldridge R. Johnson, a machinist from Camden, NJ. His first records came out in The first two labels are considered “Pre-Dog” labels, as they lack the famous Nipper logo yet to be used. The first example is the first type where the word Victor was used on the label and is a 7″ example.

The second example is a 10″ record which was called the Victor Monarch Record.

Labelography of Home Recording Discs

In the years immediately following the end of World War II, as the two major American record companies geared up for “The War of the Speeds,” 1 Columbia was working full-steam ahead on the development of the long-playing record; RCA Victor, meanwhile, put its efforts and resources into building a better Unlike Columbia’s postwar 78s, which tended to be fairly noisy, RCA pressings improved markedly as wartime shortages of raw materials eased; the change of formulation coincided with the change of the company name on the label from “Victor” to “RCA Victor.

An intriguing chapter in this story involves a series of 78s RCA pressed beginning late in on translucent red vinyl–the same material the company used a few years later for its rpm records; of course, virtually every manufacturer, beginning in with Columbia, used vinyl for LP records as well. The albums were also distinctive, showing the bold autograph of the artist on the cover Fig.

Vinyl–more properly Vinylite–is a trademarked copolymer of vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate developed by Union Carbide in

After cutting ties with RCA Records following a rocky seven-year her “most vulnerable” work to date on the atmospheric track effort, as she.

RCA manufactured its own records and also operated RCA Custom, a leading record manufacturer for independent record labels. A predefined amount of distortion was introduced during the record-cutting process, to cancel out the distortion produced by conical playback styli, used on most playback cartridges in the early s. Dynagroove also involved tonal manipulation of the recorded sound via a dynamic equalizer. Stereophile magazine went further:. In late , RCA modernized its image with a new futuristic-looking logo, the letters RCA in block modernized form, replacing the old lightning bolt logo, and the virtual retirement of both the Victor and Nipper trademarks.

The background of the labels, which had always been black for its regular series switched to bright orange.

Elvis Presley Biography

Although becoming a successful pop singer is a total dream, young artists are sadly too often abused by their record labels. Talented young singers with little business backgrounds end up signing binding contracts with major labels at an early age, losing control of their own music, and ultimately facing severe consequences. One singer whom many believe is facing these problems right now is Zayn Malik.

Based on tweets over the last few years, fans are starting to think he no longer has control over his music. Why hasn’t the former One Direction member released music in almost two years? This is everything we know regarding Zayn’s reported record label issues.

Buy RCA RP MB USB Hour Recording Digital Voice Recorder: Easily identify the date and time a recording was made with the date/time stamp.

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Gold & Platinum

August 11, So why another overview? Surely RCA felt that something had to be done on the 10th anniversary of Presley’s passing, and the set does have some interesting features.

Cover Front: RCA Victor logo and number at upper right. With or without sticker with song titles. Extremely rare copies contain the “New Golden.

Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 1 guest. Posted: Dec Thu 12, pm. Beethoven, symphony No. They’re all Red Seal labels. I’m wondering how old these records might be, and if they’re worth anything. I was able to find a little info on Toscanini conducted in the late 40s early 50s , and one of the records is missing from that set so it’s probably not worth much. Thank you. I was a casual record collector for many years but I must say I am not any expert on the subject.

One thing I can say is the records you have are likely from the ’40’s, when 78 album sets were popular, and are VERY common.

Popular Record Albums of 1957: RCA Victor Records TV Commercial 1957 RCA

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